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One hour walk
 (2nd dog from same household, on the same walk - £8)
Group walk    Monday to Friday  £12 per walk
 Saturday or Sunday    £14 per walk
Individual   Monday to Friday  £14 per walk
 Saturday or Sunday    £16 per walk
Home visits (Puppies, senior dogs, cats, caged animals)    
Once daily    £7 per day
Twice daily        £12 per day
Puppy walks (30 - 45mins depending on age & breed)     
Walk   £8 per walk
Walk & visit (same day)   £12 per day 

I understand that individual dogs have different needs and am happy to discuss and consider dogs with issues that need special consideration. I am happy to walk both large and small dogs. The group walk will be one hour long, not including travelling time. I will pick up after your dog during the walk and will dry their paws and ensure water is available when I drop them off, water will also be available during the walk. Individual walks can last 30mins or one hour depending on your dog's needs.

I provide home visits for puppies and senior dogs. This may be suitable on a regular basis for the days when you are at work or on one-off occasions when you are out for the day or evening. I also provide home visits for cats and caged animals, this can include visits when you may be away for the weekend or on holiday and do not want to board your pet. A home visit can help your pet to remain comfortable and secure in their own home. Although this service may be suitable for cats and caged animals when you are on holiday it is not recommended that dogs are left in this way.

I will let your pets out in the garden, feed them and check their water, clean their cages and spend time with them, depending on their requirements. I can do one or two visits a day. Home visits last for 30mins but can be extended if required. If you are away from home I am happy to water plants, move post from the doorway and open / shut curtains during the visit. Home visits are charged by the hour (or half hour), if you have several pets who require care you will not be charged per pet.

I have a van that is adapted to provide safe and secure transport for animals and do also provide pet taxi services.

I offer these services in Sighthill and surrounding areas.

Pet Service

Pet Service
If you are looking for a dog walking service we will visit you at your home to meet you and your pet and to complete an assessment, we sometimes arrange a trial walk with the owner to ensure that both parties are happy.

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Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking Service
Dogs are walked on their own or with a maximum of three other dogs with a suitable temperament. Dogs are kept on the lead at all times unless written permission has been given.

Walks are usually for an hour but are adapted to suit the dog's individual needs.

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Professional Pet Sitting Services